Shikshan Publishing is a fast growing Indian Publishing house. With our resource material, we are trying to change the lives and prospects of young people, by extending the boundaries of awareness, aspiration and attainment, as they go through the transitional phase from directed learning to independent learning. We have in our midst a team of dedicated, sincere and experienced writers, subject consultants, curriculum developers, and a diligent technical team. We firmly believe that every person who interacts with us will achieve an effective growth.

Our books provide a varied and profound insight into the subject and will not only motivate but stimulate the young minds. Distinguished authors and writers have been given importance in our publications so as to give the student a relevant global overview of the subject. We are proud to state that Shikshan publication has been publishing over 200 titles annually.

Our main objective is to keep our young learners abreast with all the academic subjects, not only to enhance their knowledge and creative skills but also to imbibe a yearning for erudition. We would like to provide a curriculum, which besides being child centered, is also child friendly, and provides an enriching experience to satiate the inquisitiveness of the young minds. All of us will put our best foot forward to nurture these future citizens. We have tried our best to lay a strong foundation, and with it, have cemented a vision to create a difference in the life of every student. We will encourage them to leave behind their footprints not only as good students but also as good citizens.

Our sincere good wishes are with the younger generation.